Ramadhan iftari | Hot meals

Feeding the poor/needy

Hot meals cost = £1

This program was introduced in Ramadhan 2015. Hundreds of poor people are invited to different centres to break their fast. Amongst them are men, women and children from different nearby villages. Our aim is to feed as many people as possible at different locations.

Village hot meal events

Feeding thousands of people is only possible if you donate to this cause

Feeding thousands of people is only possible if you donate to this cause. Every Ramadhan we organise many Iftari programs in many different villages. In Ramadhan 2020, we provided food for nearly 120,000 meals, which was desperately needed because of the Covid 19 lock-down which affected the most vulnerable and poor in many parts of India. We also continue to feed thousands of refugees in camps of Rohingya and in Jordan for the Palestinian – Gaza orphans and Syrian refugees.

Hot meals

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Ramadhan Iftari

Almost every day of each Ramadhan hundreds of people are fed in different villages for Iftari

In the blessed month Ramadhan each year in India, Friends For You arrange gatherings of thousands of people to break their fast. These people were called in from nearby villages in the poorest parts of India. Many were children who were brave enough to keep the long fast in very hot temperatures.

The event was funded by your Lillah, Sadqa, Zakat and Ramadhan Fitra-e-Sadqa payments. Our aim is to hold as many of these events as possible and continue to feed the poor/needy in many parts of the world depending on the funds received.

It only costs up to £1

Your donations make a great difference to the lives of many, especially women & children.

Please donate as much as you can.