House Building Program

Help us build them a home

They live in makeshift tents or mud and straw houses

In many parts of the poor world they have no homes to go to. They live in makeshift tents or mud and straw houses which are constantly damaged and destroyed by bad weather. Friends For You are building homes giving a family safe and security of a home. We operate in one of the the poorest parts of India, Maharashtra, district Buldana, in the surrounding villages of Nandura.

In our regular visits to these areas, we discovered that there are hundreds of villages where people are living in huts, mud houses and some have no homes at all. When the storm and floods hit these areas, everything is washed away.

Building a home for a poor family will create safety and security to those that need it most, hence their children will grow up in a safer and healthier environment. Help us to succeed in our mission to build as many homes as possible.

Build a home for a poor a family


Zakat acceptable


These are the type of areas we are working in and looking to rebuild new homes

These are all visited areas by trustees of the charity

House building program

Zakat is acceptable as the poor family will have the ownership of the home

We have identified many housing problems in many areas that we have visited. These areas are in dry desert land of Maharashtra. There are thousands of poor families living in makeshift houses made of mud walls, straw and wood from branches of trees. Our proposal is to build secure bricks and mortar houses.

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